Our Services

At Key Skilled Personnel, our customized approach is flexible and adaptable to meet any staffing requirements. We provide comprehensive employment staffing solutions that combine recruiting, screening, interviewing and reference checking, and ITAR screening when applicable for easy and efficient placement of temporary labor for jobs of any size, or skill level.

A Partnership for Success

Connecting qualified and skilled workers with employers in need of their talents is what we do best. To ensure a productive and successful match, we have developed a comprehensive screening and recruiting process that sets us apart from other staffing firms. At KSP, we are committed to learning the skillsets needed for success in your organization, and we strive to learn the culture of our customers to ensure we’re supplying candidates who are the best possible fit for each position.

Recruiting and Screening

We identify candidates with the key skillsets our clients are looking for to support their manufacturing, industrial maintenance & engineering, aviation & aerospace, machining & metal working, and office & professional openings with a stringent process that identifies the capabilities and strengths of each candidate. Once we know a candidate’s strengths, we find them job openings that match their abilities and create an optimal solution for candidate and employer.

It’s important to make informed decision when hiring temporary workers, so we provide the information you need to make the right decisions for your business. Our goal is to act as an extension of your HR Department, so we have the flexibility to offer a broad range of screening options to mirror your hiring criteria. Your Account Representative will have a detailed conversation with you upfront to create this process.

Testing and Evaluation

As part of our Office & Professional staffing services, we thoroughly evaluate the skills of the personnel we provide to businesses. Our temporary employment candidates are tested on their standard computer proficiency for typing, 10-key, spelling, grammar, and vocabulary skills. We offer testing and skills validation on all major software packages, including, but not limited to, the full line of Microsoft Products, IBM, Oracle, etc.

Your Options for Hiring with Key Skilled Personnel

1. Contract

Commonly referred to as “Temporary”, Contract staffing is ideal when you need flexibility in your workforce. Our recruitment team is ready to assist you on a moment’s notice, and since we’re constantly on the hunt for talent on a year round basis, our ability to hit the ground running will provide you with speed to market, and the contingent nature of contract staffing will allow you the ability to adjust headcount as needed which can definitely improve your bottom line.

2. Contract to Hire

Let us do the work! With our Contract to Hire option, our function is to identify candidates who not only fit the job qualifications and meet the hiring criteria, but we’re identifying candidates who are willing to accept a position with the possibility of getting hired on a permanent basis, based on performance, during a probationary term which is most often between 3-6 months. At times you may not have the resources, tools, or time needed to make a great hire and keep up with all your day-to-day responsibilities. Our staff is thoroughly trained in full-cycle talent acquisition, and understands the urgency needed to identify and secure the best available talent the marketplace has to offer. We also understand that the goal of Contact to Hire is to identify candidates who meet the skill requirements and can eventually be hired on without issue, so we ensure candidates presented meet all hiring criteria before starting an assignment, in accordance with state, federal and local laws.

3. Direct Hire

Our Direct Hire service is simple. We are looking for the best candidate to fill a permanent job opening with your company from day one. The worker will never work on KSP’s payroll. There are many position that are not as common in the workplace and require very specific skillsets, most often these workers are not willing to accept on a Contract, or Contract to Hire basis, so Direct Hire becomes an excellent option to secure talent in a very competitive market.

4. Payroll Service

There are times when our clients are bringing back a previous employee or have walk-in applicants who they have already screened and would like to start quickly. In these instances, we can quickly process the worker so they can get started right away for you. When choosing this option, you still have the benefits of employing the worker on a temporary or temporary to hire status, and you don’t have the contractual hours requirement since you found the worker!

Since this service does not require our recruitment efforts and those associated costs, our payroll service is generally offered at a discounted rate.

Your Account Representative would be happy to discuss any of the 4 options listed above to determine which would be the best option for your hiring needs. Just give us a call and speak with a rep to get started today!